Welcome to my Blog about Weddings!

Hi to all you Brides & Grooms,

I hope you guys and girls are all well.

I am very happy that my blog is up and running, a place where you can get to see alot of info about weddings and the effort that goes into choosing vendors, from bridal gowns to suits, decor to cakes, which florist to pick, where can I find an amazing jeweller with great customer service, the perfect DJ that will keep the music good and keep your guests feeling like your party vibe was the best, which venue suits you and the themes that inspire you. And of course what to look for in a wedding photographer, how to gauge the pros from the cons and to keep you informed about the pricing strategies that are often taken for granted. Which hair & makeup artists offer the best value for money services, without compromising on quality and has all the experience to show, and what to look for in a videographer, whether you need one or just purely want one.

Keep in mind that a lot of the information received here is taken from face value as I have seen firsthand, and should be thoroughly investigated. You are the key to each of these vendors, and they also need the opportunity to meet you and tailor their packages to suit your needs!

I will be tackling all of these discussions in depth and will be opening up channels for you, the brides and grooms, to voice your questions and allow me to assist you in making the best decisions for your awesome day.


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