Heavens Gate Wedding Photography

This awesome wedding took place at the beautiful venue we know as Heavens Gate, and from the moment you arrive you feel as if you have been instantly transported to some tropical location teaming with exotic birdlife and the gorgeous layout will have you mesmerized, leaving you with only your imagination at the possibilities of having your big day at their venue.

So a bit about the day as it unfolded…

Chané & Jean/Luke Wedding Photos

We got to the beautiful venue where Chané & Jean/Luke were getting ready, out in Lakefield, Benoni, called Villa Amanzi Boutique Guest House. And what can I say, what a stunning place with a real villa kind of vibe. The suites were really well thought of which had me in the jaw-drop position as soon as I walked in!!! The absolute must is the honeymoon suite, with its spacious open planned luxurious design which opens up onto a superb balcony which overlooks the pan.

I am only telling you these details because it really is that great, from a photographers perspective, which is if not the only reason why brides should really consider the rooms they use to get ready in.

Ok Mark stop yapping on & on now, get to the point.

Well as it so happens, I know of a great hair & makeup artist that really knows her stuff, so she calls me up, Hey Mark where the heck are you boy Im about done with my chores, so I reply,” Around the corner girl, open the doors so long…” and when I walk in she managed to pull that look off as if to say “Ya boy, this is my bread & butter”, Chané looked like a gorgeous princess bride, absolutely stunning really, and if I didn’t say anything immediately it was because my brain was saying, “Who slipped me a mickey!” I can’t tell you guys how glorious this bride was looking as all of the pieces were coming together, I could only imagine the look on Jean/Lukes face when she walks down the aisle!!!

Ok so after doing what wedding photographers do in the ladies room, I hit the gents side and well apart from the party that was taking place, it was all nerves of steel being portrayed but I somehow sensed a little “Golly Gosh” from Jean/Luke as he was showing me, “I got this bud!” Now, I know that this is how us guys prepare for an instant heart stopper as we watch the woman of our dreams walk down the aisle to where we are now pronounced husband and wife, you may now kiss your bride. But I seemed to know that it was an understatement of note, after seeing his bride and how stunning she looked, his expressions spoke louder than words, and I know for a fact his heart was pumping double time!

Mark, come on now please…

Sorry guys, but I can’t help being sensitive to what was happening around me, you might not be able to see it when you have a job to do, but if you notice the small moments and keep your eyes peeled, you can write volumes about the emotions and thoughts we have as the day unfolds.

Ok so after the huff & puff, the guys set off to wait for the girls to arrive, but not before Chané gets into her drop dead gorgeous wedding gown, Wow, she looks like a flame that is about to burn a hole in Jean/Luke’s eyes. Sorry to say!

“And away they go” is ringing in my ears as I continue to capture the moments leading up to the big “I do’s”, and I really didn’t want it to end so quickly, but as the program schedule was being cast as a vision only I could see, we had to cut it off and get our behinds to the place where Chané would be called, Mrs Pieterse!

After all is said and done, what can I say, What an awesome wedding, the couple, the guests, the venue, the setting, the music, the dancing oh yes the dancing, it was all just really a night that they will never forget and neither will I.

Congratulations guys, I wish you all the best for your future together!


Dress: Bridal Manor Pretoria

Venue: Heavens Gate

Suit: Topman

Hair & Makeup: Andri Leonida

Flowers & Decor: CS Events

Wedding Cake: Cup n Cake (Celeste Fourie)

Rings: Ruschin & Co. – Designer Jewellers (Moosa Cajee)